Friday, July 30, 2010

The Finger


The connect is Thumbs Up

Akshay Kumar is the brand ambassador
Ramesh Chauhan, who along with his brother owns Parle, used to own THumbs Up from 1977 when they started it to 1991 when it was acquired by Coca Cola
Manmad Mountain which gives Thumbs Up its logo

Answered by Madhu.k, Nikhil and Kaushik

Monday, July 19, 2010

And ID

Okay, I admit, I'm rather bored at work, so here's another one. Easy one, like the previous question. :)

Yep, it is the Papal Bull, taken straight from Wikipedia. You can recognize it from the seal at the end, like Ameya said.


Here's some food for thought. (Not an exhaustive list by the way)

I know this one was a little far fetched,(which is probably why no one got it. :)) still the connect is eggs. Deviled eggs, Eggs mayonnaise, Eggs benedict and eggs Florentine.