Monday, September 29, 2008

Just a matter of time

Identify what this is and also give its mindboggling achievement

No replies. The answer is-
This is the worlds most complicated watch with around 27 functions(gives the position of solar system with respect to various constellations)
Its called the Astrolabium Galilei, made by Ulysse Nardin

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Connect these 4 images.

The connect is Lucifer.
a) The first pic depicts the banishment of Lucifer from the host of the guardian angels.
b) There's a cat in Cinderella by the name of Lucifer. He's owned by the Lady Tremaine.
c) The portrait is of John Milton who wrote Paradise Lost. The first pic is a portrait drawn by him depicting the banishment of Lucifer. His book Paradise Lost is a story in 2 parts: first of the banishment of Lucifer and the rise of Satan and second the story of Adam and Eve.
d) Lucifer was the name of IBM's first civilian block ciphers.

Answered correctly by lakshmy.

Friday, September 26, 2008


In China, the terms "yǔhángyuán" or "hángtiānyuán" have long been used for X. The phrase "tàikōng rén" is often used in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Official English texts issued by the government of the People's Republic of China use X, while the slightly uncommon term Y is used by some English-language news media organizations for professional X's from China.
Y has featured in the Longman and Oxford English dictionaries, the latter of which describes it as "a hybrid of the Chinese term ______ and the Greek word for traveller, or X".
Chen Lin, a linguistics professor at the Beijing Foreign Studies University described Y's recognition as "another sign of China's growing global influence".
Also, (though i very much doubt it would help) Y was coined in 1988.

Identify X and Y (and if you want, the blank)

~yay! the first freshers post! :P~

X- astronaut
Y- taikonaut

cracked by E.T., Prakash and dreameramir

Mahabharata Trivia!

One evening during the happy days between the establishment of the Pandava kingdom in Indraprastha and the infamous game of dice, Krishna and Arjuna were relaxing on the banks of the river Yamuna when suddenly they were approached by a venerable looking old man with a flowing beard. This man announced that he was the Lord Agni and that he had a request to make of them. He had been trying to burn the Khandava Forest(located near the banks of the river) for a long while but he had been thwarted every single time by Lord Indra who immediately made his beloved thunderclouds shower rain on the forest everytime the burning started. This was due to the fact that Takshaka, the Lord of a Naga tribe lived in that forest and he was a close friend of Indra. So,Agni asked for the help of Krishna and Arjuna to ward off Indra while he burned the forest. And so, the burning commenced. Arjuna and Krishna patrolled along the sides of the forest and sent back all animals who tried to escape.And Arjuna and Krishna created a wall above the forest with their arrows and chakras respectively to ward off the rain which had started almost immediately. Takshaka was not present in the forest during the burning but his wife and his son Aswasena were present. Aswasena's mother distracted the two princes in order to enable her son's escape. She was immediately killed by Arjuna but in the clamour Aswasena escaped. Grieved by his mother's death, he swore revenge on Arjuna and waited for his chance to strike for a long time.
Whew, pretty long story...the question is...Aswasena reappears sometime later in the Mahabharata to exact his revenge. When did he come for his revenge and how did Arjuna escape him?
(Be as specific as possible with your answer...)

Aswasena reappears when Karna is fighting Arjuna...He manifests himself in the Naga Astra that Karna sends towards Arjuna...And Krishna saves him by pressing the knees of the horses into the ground...I asked this because this is not mentioned in Wiki..the part where Takshaka poisons Parikshit and Janemejaya launches war on the Nagas is given clearly in Wiki...But there's not much said about the return of Aswasena...nothing at all about the way he comes back...

Answered correctly by Jagdheesh singaram, Rahul Raghuraman, Aravind and dreameramir.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Which organization's logo?

Identify this logo of a long running organization, which was launched this week?
("The bold strokes convey free flight. The choices of colours are red and yellow. Red has been chosen for its traditional association with the organization. It embodies passion, power and commitment. Yellow communicates hope, joy and happiness. Evidence of the combination of the two colours is found across the country.")

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Today's question

One day, X was brought to meet Y, and Y insisted that they sit at two pianos and play together. For two hours, Y challenged X to some sort of piano duel, and finally, Y stood up, hugged X, gave him his blessings and said "He's the one.....he can do it". Identify X and Y.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

And here we go!

A very suitable first question,

1) Molecule depicts the basics sciences, the Lotus represents Humanities and the Rocket stands for Technology. What is being described here?

2) Connect-


3) Who used this logo unitl 1912?

The answers-
1)Logo of BITS-Pilani

Answered by Anand R, Nidheeshwar and Rahul Raghuraman