Saturday, September 27, 2008

Connect these 4 images.

The connect is Lucifer.
a) The first pic depicts the banishment of Lucifer from the host of the guardian angels.
b) There's a cat in Cinderella by the name of Lucifer. He's owned by the Lady Tremaine.
c) The portrait is of John Milton who wrote Paradise Lost. The first pic is a portrait drawn by him depicting the banishment of Lucifer. His book Paradise Lost is a story in 2 parts: first of the banishment of Lucifer and the rise of Satan and second the story of Adam and Eve.
d) Lucifer was the name of IBM's first civilian block ciphers.

Answered correctly by lakshmy.

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lakshmy said...

The connect is lucifer.
1.painting of him being cast out from heaven
2.a cat in cinderella is called lucifer
3.saint lucifer???? dont know about this one
4.IBM cipher