Friday, February 27, 2009

54The nation in Red

What does this map depict?

Depicts the status of various nations wrt the kyoto protocol. Red (USA), as always is holding the entire world back by not signing the Kyoto Protocol

Answered by Johnny Walker

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Can he deliver what business demands??

Who is he?

A Subramania Murty, new CEO of Satyam.

Answered by Tanaya, Murali Duggineni and Zed


The answer is Nicolas Flamel.
Picture 1- Nicolas Flamel's home in Paris, supposed to
be one of the oldest buildings there
Picture 2- The symbol is called "Flamel" and features prominently
in the popular anime "Fullmetal Alchemist"
Picture 3- Morgana Le Fay, a band who brought out a
concept album called Grand Materia, based on Flamel
Cracked by no one.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


, this years edition of BITS-Pilani, Goa Campus's Annual Cultural fest, will be held from March 6-8th. The Quiz Club will be hosting 2 major quizzes.

A general quiz, and one of the biggest crowd pullers of WAVES, this years edition will only get better with QM Shamant Rao (of KQA fame) taking charge.
A quiz about India, as the name suggests, with questions ranging from literature and mythology, to business and sports.

Moolah to be won overall, for the quizzes alone: in excess of 10 grand.
Registrations on the spot. So be there!

For further queries, check out the links for the respective quizzes, or contact:

Coordinator, The Quiz Club, BPGC
Ph: +91 9923499815

Anand Shankar
Secreatry, The Quiz Club, BPGC
Ph: +91 9881776983

Connect. Again.

Connect the 3 pics above.

Connect is Apis.
First pic- Apis constellation.
Second- The honey bee is of genus Apis.
Third- Apis, name of the Egyptian bull-deity.

Cracked by none, though a nice attempt by shalini.


Excellent crack by Amandeep. The Connect is Tesseract or Hypercube.
Picture 1- A computer called the Connection Machine, which is
a supercomputer designed in the shape of a hypercube,
Picture 2- Poster from the movie Cube 2: Hypercube
Picture 3- Madeleine L'Engle, the author of famous children's book
a wrinkle in time, which uses the concept of a tesseract or
hypercube to travel through space and time.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Crack away

Depending on where you crack your egg, you will be branded _______ or _______. The little ones know.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


xkcd talking about whom?

Answer:Kepler(check his 2nd law of planetary motion for more details)

answered by Debashish, UDit and johny walker

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Connect these images

A question from the Science & Technology quiz during QUARK-09

Answered by blahblahblogger,malcaluffin,amoureux and Zed

Answer:The CT scan, initially called EMI scan, was developed by EMI(Godfrey Hounsfeld was the scientist), the record company and they got the money for the research from the profits they got from The Beatles.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Question 46: A Pretty Simple Connect

Connect these. OK, maybe it's not that simple.

Question 45: I see the Rainbow-people rejoicing!

Give me name and the first that she has achieved?

Here's another visual of her:

Answer: Johanna Sigurdattodir - the PM of Iceland. She is the first openly gay Head of Government in the world

Answered by Ajachi and Amoureux

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

QUARK 2009

QUARK, BITS-Pilani, Goa Campus's Annual technical fest, will be held from February 7-9th. The Quiz Club is proud to host 2 major quizzes.

A Science and Technology Quiz for sci-tech buffs.

Again, as the name suggests, a business quiz- with questions about everything, ranging from Wall Street to The Apprentice.

An overall prize money, for the quizzes alone, of more than Rs. 10,000 to be won!

For Registration and details, click on the links to the respective quizzes.

For further queries regarding the quizzes, do contact:

Coordinator, The Quiz Club, BPGC
Ph: +91 9923499815

Anand Shankar
Secreatry, The Quiz Club, BPGC
Ph: +91 9881776983