Saturday, October 4, 2008

All escape!a natural disaster!!!

connect again...

Answer- Rubin Carter, who was imprisoned(debate still raging on whether he is innocent or guilty) for two murders and Bob Dylan wrote the song 'Hurricane' to protest what he believed was the false conviction of Rubin Carter and Denzel Washington played the role of Carter in the movie 'Hurricane'

Cracked by Sridhar, Lakshmy and Lord Labak Das(didnt give the Denzel Washington connect though)


Sree said...

b is Rubin "Hurricane" Carter whose imprisonment inspired Bob Dylan (a) to write "Hurricane"

shridhar said...

1. Obo Qlyna
2. Ehova "uheevpnar" Pnegre
3. Qramry jnfuvatgba

Gur pbaarpg vf Uheevpnar.
Qlyna jebgr n fbat pnyyrq uheevpnar gb fhccbeg gur pnzcnvta bs gur ergevny bs Pnegre jura ur jnf npphfrq bs zheqre.
Nyfb, Qramry npgrq va n zbivr "Gur uheevpnar" juvpu gryyf gur fgbel bs Pnegre.

lakshmy said...

bob dylan wrote a song about a boxer called ruben carter called 'hurricane'. the guy had been implicated falsely(or so dylan claimed in the song) and the second is his pic. the last is denzel washingtion who musta played the role of ruben.