Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Everyone loves Tintin!!!

Since there have been no theme posts yet, I thought I'd be the first to set sail...I know there are a lot of Tintin enthus in BPGC, so expecting a lot of answers...If u know ur Tintin really well, you'll get all of 'em.

1. Easy one to start off. What is the only song Bianca Castafiore ever sings?

2. Name Tintin's pilot friend and his nationality.

3. Which Tintin adventure cover shows Tintin in immediate danger of being executed?

4. Complete: Tintin in the Land of ___ ______.

5. What is a puñal?

6. Who stole a ring belonging to his mother and blamed it on the maid?


1. The Jewel Song, from Faust (Every Castafiore adventure)
2. Skut, Est(h)onian (The Red Sea Sharks)
3. Tintin in America
4. the Soviets
5. A colonial Spanish knife/dagger (The Broken Ear)
6. Laszlo Carreidas (Flight 714)

No one got all of 'em.
Jorge Macieira and Lord Labak Das got 4 each, well done.


Sree said...

1. The Jewel's song from Faust
2. Skut. Somewhere in East Europe
3. Tintin in America has him about to be executed by a Red Indian
4. Black Gold ?
6. This is from the truth drug episode in Flight 714. Rastapopulus, I think (if not, Carreidas)

Jorge Macieira said...

1.Gounod's Faust's Jeweels Aria;
2. Skut, Piotr Skut (in French Szut), Esthonian;
3. The Crab with the Golden Claws;
4. Black Gold;
5. A dagger;
6. Lazlo Carreidas.