Monday, November 10, 2008

A totally arbit connect...

Just a hint... For the painting of the woman, think Hamlet.
Please don't kill me for posting this question

I posted the answer days ago, but it seems not to have uploaded.
The connect is George W. Bush's pets...
  1. The painting is of Ophelia, as all the comments have pointed out. Ofelia is Dubya's cow, who he keeps in his Crawford ranch.
  2. Barney is his Scottish terrier.
  3. India "Willie" is his cat.
  4. Mrs Beazley is his other Scottish terrier (sorry, but you just can't get pics of the chef from Riverdale High any more, and the only other I know of is a character in America by Franz Kafka)
  5. Spot Fetcher is his English Springer Spaniel, and the other second generation presidential animal in the White House (His mom lived there during Big George's term)
Almost completely cracked by qwerty (he said pets), but I suspect that has something to do with the fact that he was sitting next to me when I posted and that I had told him the answer. A good attempt by Stryker, but Barney is a dinosaur, not a crocodile. And when I mean arbit, I don't mean quotes from Shakespeare.


Rajiv D'Silva said...

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lakshmy said...

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Joshan said...

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Stryker said...

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Vg'f jnpxl, ubcr vg'f pybfr :Q