Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thermo Dynamite for me!!

no pics, no connects. Straightforward question and gimme the answer....

He is the person who disproved Caloric theory of heat. He began life as xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx of Massachussetts. At 19, he married a wealthy widow of 30. He served the British during the American Revolution and sttled in Europe after the war. He became Minister of War for Bavaria, where he earned extra money by spying for the British. In 1798 he travelled to London, where he founded the Royal Institution, which became on of Britain's leading scientific laboratories. In 1805, he married the widow of Lavoisier, adding further to his wealth. His will left money to Harvard to establish the chair of Physics in his name, which still exists. Who is he?

PS-high compre fever and so the question is a straight lift from my textbook! :P This hopefully compensate a little bit for my miserable performance in Thermodynamics. Atleast our instructor cant say I didn't read the textbook! :P again

Answer is Benjamin Thompson aka Count Rumford

Cracked by sumo


Anonymous said...

benjamin thompson

apraman said...

Only answered by Sumo! Nice!