Sunday, June 14, 2009

82.Short and Sweet

Give me one word that connects the following pictures...


1.the new microsoft search engine
2.a program on UNIX that measures the net thoroughput between two host computers
3.chandler's surname is bing is a chinese flatbread
5.brett lee is also nicknamed bing or binga

cracked by mahesh and apraman


Unknown said...

Microsoft Bing

mahesh said...

@"dude"adi wat has unix got with bing??

Raveesh Mayya said...


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Thriddas Anorak said...

Bing - i got it from chandler and microsoft. how does the bagel (if it is one) etc etc rest fit it?

Thriddas Anorak said...

ah... that's chinese FLATBREAD. and @mashesh: Bing is a Unix program which is essentially a ping with added network throughput measurements.

of course, the dead give away was Chandler and Microsoft. The rest i had to google to confirm. :)

Anonymous said...

Connect is "Bing"

apraman said...

Bing. Recursive algo with GNU (not Unix)


Anand said...

Great Question!

Aditya.S said...

thanks :D