Tuesday, February 9, 2010

133rd Question


Answer:The Terminal. Tom Hanks acted in the movie where he collects the signatures from all artists who appear in 'A Great Day in Harlem' photo. The story of Mehran Karimi Nassiri inspired the movie Terminal where Tom Hanks's character is stranded in the airport
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Kaushik said...

Movie "The Terminal"

Tom Hanks acted, Through the years, this photograph and story have taken on a life of their own. It was also the basis of the recent Steven Speilberg/Tom Hanks movie “The Terminal”. Known as “Harlem 1958” it is one of the most well known/most talked about photographs ever made of a group of jazz musicians

The third man is the Iranian Man on which the movie is based

Suganthar said...

tom kanks played the role inspired by the guy in the 3 rd pic. the movie i think is the terminal..


The second picture shows the 57 jazz musicians on a street in harlem,New york.Its called "A Great Day In Harlem".
Victor Navroski , played by Tom Hamks (picture 2) in "THE TERMINAL" goes to USA to complete his Father's collection of autographs from these musicians pictured in the photograph by collecting the autograph of BENNY GOLSON (one of the very few still alive).
Pic 3 shows MEHRAN KARIMI NASSERI whose 18 year stay in the Charles de gaulle airport was the inspiration of the character VICTOR NAVROSKI.

Hope this will do.....

Zed said...

The Terminal

Rahul Raghuraman said...

Castaway ?