Monday, July 18, 2011

From a solitary blog post

This one is a toughie. It is from a solitary blog post that probably does not exist anymore.

The post seems to be a parody of incidents that have shaken up the world in 2011. This photo accompanied the post. Identify the "incidents" and the country whose flag is being parodied in the photograph.

Edit : In order to make the question slightly easier, I have decided to give a clue. The country in question is a fictional one. So, you are one good wiki search away from the answer.

Ans : Okay. Noone gets this one. The "incidents" are indeed the political protests that have hit the Arab world. The fictional country parodied here is the Emirate of Khemed, which figures in a few Tintin adventures. It is an Arabic country that is always in the throes of a revolution. The flag is the flag of Khemed. You might remember Emir ben Kalish Ezab and his son Abdullah. Anyway, noone got it right.

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