Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I was bored at work

A was originally taken by the crew on B. B's initial backupcrew was involved in a postage 'scam' involving 'C covers' (c is a first name) in the 1980s which lead to them being replaced and having to face disciplanary action. B departed around midnight on Dec 7th 1972 to D and broke a few records during the journey.
B's insigna had the image of the Greek God E, a depiction of D and F. F was named after a Roman God and is represented on certain charts by the god's sickle.

In January 2012, G , who was incharge of B, released H. H is basically A followed by 2012. H went viral on the internet and had more hits than I associated with the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

H was taken by J. J is named after K considered the father of a science L.J is the local name for a North European country M and its language.

Following wide spread demand (and protest) H2 was released which showed the other side of things. Something similair to A and H is the default lock screen of the first N created by O. O is also the name of P's company. P released a song Q which was played by G in a special manner on Feb4th 2008 on the commeration of Q's 40th and G's 50th anniversary which was probably heard (if possible) on D and F. P's fans have declared Feb 4th as Q day since then.


Anand Shankar said...

I am also quite bored at work...

N-Oyhr Zneoyr
O-Ncbyyb 17
U-Oyhr Zneoyr 2012
V-Fvghngvba Ebbz cubgb
W-Fhbzv ACC
X-Ireare Fhbzv
D-Npebff gur Havirefr

ashingeorge said...

Z- Yofv Nziyov
Y- Zklool 82
X- Hrvtvi
W- Nllm
V- Zklool
U- Hzgfim
S- Yofv Nziyov 7987
R- Hrgfzgrlm Illn kslgl
Q- Hflnr
P- Evimvi V Hflnr
O- Hzgvoorgv Nvgvliloltb
N- Urmozmw
M- rKslmv
L- Zkkov
K- Yvzgovh
J- Zxilhh gsv Fmrevihv

(in Z-complement form):P
(rm A-xlnkovnvmg ulin):K