Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It is believed this was performed by Prophet Muhammed to convince Quraysh(???) of his prophethood. Another traditional belief is that the pagan meccans asked Muhammed for a miracle and he performed this. It is also believed that the incident will repeat on the day of the final judgement. When Islam was brought to India by Malik Bin Deenar, he used this incident as proof of Muhammeds prophethood and the King Cheraman Perumal bhaskar Ravi Varma then consulted his astrologers who reported a similar phenomenon recorded by them. What is this incident so widely used to prove the prophethood of Muhammed?

Cracked by Kaushik, KAKA and Shrey
Answer- The splitting of the moon or shaqq al qamar

3 comments: said...

Splitting of the moon

KAKA' said...

Shaqq Al Qamar or the splitting of the moon into two.

Kaushik said...

splitting of the moon