Friday, March 13, 2009

61. A tribute to Maams :)


Answer: Connect is Stanford.
1. Hillary Clinton, did her B.A. in Stanford.
2. The place blocked out is Stanford itself.
3. Logo of Stanford 20/20 tournament.

Cracked by Tanaya and mahesh.


Tanaya said...

The lady in the picture is Chelsea Clinton. The blanked out part in the map is Stanford, California. The remaining image is that of the Stanford 20/20 Tournament.

Connect - Chelsea Clinton studied history at undergraduate level at Stanford University located in Stanford, CA. The Stanford 20/20, conceptualised by the now-disgraced Texan billionaire Allen Stanford (who has been arrested for fraud), is a cricket tournament held in Antigua between the cricket teams of the various islands that make up the Carribean.

mahesh said...

connect is stanford...