Tuesday, March 17, 2009

63. Filmy fundas

1. Give (obscure) funda with respect to bollywood.

2. Actor 1's real first name is X, but his first name in films is Y. In 1996, he acted as X in a film called X. In two of his earliest films, his character was named Y, including a film called Y. Actor 2’s real first name is Vishal, but his filmy first name is X. In his first film, his character was called X.

Identify X and Y

3. What comes next in the sequence?

Questions courtesy A.J. and Surbhi.


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Tanaya said...

2. X - Ajay
Y - Sunny

3. Lagaan

Rahul Raghuraman said...

Bollywood thing is

actor 1 = sunny deol
actor 2 = ajay devgan

Anonymous said...

The questions 1 & 2 are plagiarised verbatim from a Pune quiz.