Monday, March 9, 2009

59)As the curtain falls.... :-(

Questions from India Quiz @ WAVES-09
1)Connect the three Images given above .

2)Followers of a certain Religion seek refuge in three things. The above two pictures depict them. 2nd pic is just an enlarged diagram of the first one. Identify the religion and the three things in which its followers find refuge.

(Can't believe that less than 24 hours ago, we were all celebrating and in the next 24 hrs, I got mid-sem vivas!SHIT!)

Answered by Malcaluffin and partly by Rahul Raghuraman

Answer- Connect for 1 is Mumbai terror attacks.
Poster for the movie Poseidon-Poseidon, the gods weapon is Trident
Karambir Kang,GM of Taj, who lost his family at the hotel during the incident
Leopold Cafe-first place to have been targetted

the religion is Budhism. Budha, Dharma and Sangha, the three things in which a budhist seeks refuge(remember the verses Budham sharanam gachami, Dharmam sharanam gachami, Sangham sharanam gachami)


Vinod said...

1. taj shootout
2. buddhism

Rahul Raghuraman said...

Really sorry that I missed Waves 09
The World's Greates company to work for is not that great after all :(


1) Mumbai Terror Strikes
(Easy for me)Oberoi, Manager of Taj, Leopold Cafe

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